92% of malware is delivered by email

Helping you stay ahead of cyber risks.

Cyber risks are inevitable. Are you prepared?

Digital technologies expose you to many cyber risks that are beyond your control.
But, you can control how these risks affect you.


Put in place measures to anticipate, reduce, and prevent cyber risks.


Reduce the impact of adverse cyber incidents when they occur.


Recover from the negative impacts of adverse cyber incidents.


Improve your cybersecurity posture to better handle future cyber risks.

How CybResilio works?

CybResilio helps you stay ahead of cyber risks to safeguard your security, safety, and wellbeing.

1. Setup digital inventory

Easily maintain a record of your digital resources and keep track of level of use.

2. Review cyber risk exposure

Get a clear indication of the severity of the risks associated with your digital resources.

3. Undertake security measures

Complete recommended security measures to prepare for, absorb, recover from, and adapt to the risks.

"My belief is that the Internet can be a powerful force for good, but we are seeing also that it is a tool that can easily be put to nefarious use ."

António Guterres

Key features and functionality.

Status Dashboards

Use the dashboards for a quick summary of your digital resources use, cyber risk exposure, and completion of recommended responses.

User Ratings

Rate the relevance of risks and the effectiveness of the security measures to improve future recommendations.

Personal Profile

Specify your risk tolerance and technical competency to receive customized recommendations.